After years of surviving through the great depression of 1929, Raymond Birge decided in 1932 to leave his position as chief custom body engineer of Packard Motors in Detroit, and move his family to Stratford Ct. Once arriving he joined his brother Edward, who was operating the William McClellon Company, a small industrial supply company in Norwalk. This company specialized in boiler compounds and mechanical packing and was mostly dealing with manufactures in the Norwalk-Danbury area. Raymond was assigned to work the New Haven-Valley area and enjoyed great success selling these products as well as assisting plant managers offering solutions with his engineering background.

In 1939 he felt it was time for him expand the territories, products and services that he was able to offer. With his wife Marie he formed the R. B. Birge Company, operating out of his house and garage in Stratford.

Through the 1940’s the company enjoyed great success in the growing Industrial Bridgeport-New Haven market. The company became know as a great source for engineering solutions with a variety of products, delivered in a timely fashion. In 1950 the company was moved to 22 Webster Ave. in Bridgeport to handle the increased inventory and fabricating space required. Within a few years two additions were required on the original building to handle the increased volume of the growing New England industrial market. Raymond asked his two sons and sons-in-law to join the company to handle the growing need for a full service industrial supply business with a dedication to customer service

New product lines such as rubber hose, hydraulic hose, metal hose, belt fabricating and gasket cutting all expanded through the 1960’s. The company became a regional distributor for B.F.Goodrich, Weatherhead Hydraulics, Tygon Tubing, Dixon Valve, Anaconda Metal Hose, Flexaust Ducting, Foster Couplers as well as many other nationally recognized manufacturers.

Third-generation family members came into the company throughout the '70s and '80s continuing to expand the customer base and new product offerings. A second building was purchased at 220 Webster Ave. in 1999 to further handle the growing inventory and fabricating requirements.

As the company nears its 75th Anniversary—with a fourth generation of family members now on board—R. B. Birge continues to expand its product offerings focusing primarily on customer service all while keeping in the mind the strong values of its founder, Raymond B. Birge.